(Equivalent to 14 Hours CEU)


Tools for Trauma will provide both the novice and advanced trauma therapist with the knowledge and skills necessary to utilize Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in treatment of trauma survivors. In addition to presenting a didactic foundational understanding of the theoretical tenets of CBT, this course provides experiential training in many of CBT’s most effective techniques, including: Reciprocal Inhibition, Stress Inoculation Training, Systematic Desensitization, Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Behavioural Rehearsal and Relaxation Training. Treatment applications will be framed within a Tri-Phasic model.


This course will benefit psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, master’s level counsellors and other skilled mental health professionals who work with trauma survivors or wish to gain skills to do so.
Participants will enhance their practice specialty in the area of trauma recovery.

Participants will learn about:

  • Treatment approaches within a Tri-Phasic model: Safety & Stabilization; Trauma Memory Processing; Reconnection
  • Addressing post-trauma responses of the Body, Mind, Behaviour and Emotion using CBT
  • Over 20 CBT interventions for trauma recovery
  • The underlying principles of CBT, and the development of Behavioural, Cognitive and CBT approaches
  • Application of CBT toward fulfilling each stage of the Tri-Phasic treatment model
  • Practical applications of CBT among trauma survivors
  • Hands on approaches for working with trauma survivors on their journey to recovery through community reconnection

Students are required to complete all training materials on-line, complete quizzes, read through the manual and other related or recommended materials. Certificates of Completion for the course will be provided once all requirements are met.

Canadian $149.00 plus applicable taxes.  Students will have 160 days access to this course.

Course manual: Tools for Trauma: A CBT Approach (2010)

Course pre-requisites:

Participants are required to have the following qualifications to enroll in these programs:
A minimum of a Master’s Degree or higher qualifications within a counselling type program or enrollment in a Master’s level program with a counselling mandate
A minimum of 4 years of counselling work with ongoing supervision.


In the Clinical Traumatologist stream, courses have been limited to those students with appropriate qualifications.

If we learn that a student does not meet our minimum qualifications, he/she will be removed from the program, will not receive a Certificate of Completion and course fees will not be refunded.

Please ensure that you understand this disclaimer.


TI-204 Tools for Trauma: A CBT Approach $149.00 CAD