(Equivalent to 14 Hours CEU)

NOTE. Students must complete courses TI-1001, 102, 103, 104, 105 & 107 prior to beginning TI-106.


Group Supervision in Community & Workplace Traumatology offers a framework for participants to practice and demonstrate proficiency in community traumatology skills under the direction of a Certified Traumatologist. The program is offered in a format designed to challenge and help participants grow into competent providers of care for traumatized individuals, families, organizations and communities. Participants must have completed courses TI-1001, TI-102 – 107 in order to enroll in this 106 Supervision course.


This course is one component of the Community & Workplace Traumatologist certificate and will benefit professionals, paraprofessionals, and volunteers who work with trauma survivors or wish to gain skills to do so. The courses in this stream are designed to enhance skills development among individuals whose work, volunteer or personal activities take them into contact with individuals or groups who have been directly exposed to trauma.

Participants will:

  • Recognize when to refer and when to provide support as a “Community & Workplace Traumatologist”
  • Practice ethical and competent service management within your practice mandate
  • Practice & demonstrate proficiency in Community & Workplace Traumatology skills under group supervision
  • Preparation and presentation of case studies
  • Identify appropriate “Community & Workplace Traumatology” solutions
  • Recognize cases that require referral and identify appropriate referral types and sources
  • Develop action plans to address biases, blind spots and deficiencies discovered in the supervision process
  • Develop strong skills in maintaining non-anxious presence; become increasingly intentional and less reactive.


Students are required to complete all training materials on-line, complete quizzes (final quiz 80% min. required), submit all assignments, and read through the manual and other related or recommended materials. Certificates of Completion for the course and the stream will be provided once all requirements are met.


Supervision in Community & Workplace Traumatology (Manual for Course #106)


Canadian $149.00 plus applicable taxes. Students will have 160 days access to this course.

Course pre-requisites:

NOTE. Students must complete courses TI-1001, 102, 103, 104, 105 & 107 prior to beginning TI-106.


TI-106 Supervision in Community & Workplace Intervention  $149.00  CAD