(Equivalent to 7 Hours CEU)


Designed for professionals (teachers, administrators), paraprofessionals, and volunteers who work within the Educational System. The courses in this stream will enhance the skills required for activities with individuals or groups who have been directly or indirectly exposed to a school crisis or traumatic event. No special requirements or degrees are necessary for this entry-level non-counselling training stream. Successful completion of SCHOOL CRISIS RESPONSE course materials, tests and examination is required to receive the Certificate of Completion.

With the changing spirit of our times, school boards have been charged with the responsibility of developing comprehensive school crisis response plans. These plans typically focus on the structure of crisis response—in the aftermath of a tragedy. For example, they address such issues as who will serve as members of a school crisis response team?
What are the specific roles of team members? And, how will information be shared with the school family? 

Although these structured plans have been developed and implemented by our school districts, little attention has been given to the process of school crisis response. For example, once students have been assembled in a lounge, library or other counseling venue, what is done to help them? What is the goal of early intervention? Who is truly prepared to address emergent psychological needs?

Those who successfully complete the full SCHOOL CRISIS RESPONSE CERTIFICATE training curriculum are entitled to use the TITC-ST designation (which stands for Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum, School Traumatologist).  

Students will be able to apply for Certification through our internationally recognized training partners the National Center for Crisis Management & American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.


This certificate will benefit school administrators, management, mental health teams, and all educators, as well as health care professionals.  This program is an entry level course and not limited to mental health professionals.

Participants will:

  • Learn a structure and process for effectively managing the wide spectrum of school-based crises—from the seemingly mundane to the most severe
  • Lessen about the negative impact resulting from the stress/trauma caused by a school crisis
  • Develop an invaluable resource in preparation for, and during, actual crisis situations
  • Empower all educators by providing a “road map” to keep people functioning and mitigate long-term emotional suffering
  • Establish skills to address the emotional needs of people during traumatic events, Acute Traumatic Stress Management
  • Define a meaningful standard for responding after school crisis 
  • Prepare professionals who seek certification in School Crisis Response through (TI, NCCM and AAETS)
  • Gain access to practical documents and checklists for responding after a School Crisis


Students are required to complete all sections and assignments/quizzes in order to successfully complete this program.  The final quiz requires a final score of 80% of higher in order to successfully complete the program.  Students will gain access to the Traumatology Institute Certificate of completion immediately after completing the program successfully.  Students can submit for NCCM/AAETS certificate in School Crisis Response as part of this program (fees included).

Canadian $285.00 plus applicable taxes. Students will have 160 days access to this course.


A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in our Schools (2012, 6th Ed.) (Manual for Course TI-401)


There are no course pre-requisites for this course. This is an entry level course.


TI-401 School Crisis Response  $285.00 CAD